Name: Freddy (Frederick Steven)

 Born on: May 25th
 Sun sign: Gemini
ising sign: Capricorn
5' 10"
 Hair: Brown
 Eyes: Blue (glasses required...)


 Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Harp






 Name: Chuck (David. And don't ask why we call him Chuck...)

 Born on: April 2nd
 Sun sign: Aries
 Rising sign:
5' 7"
No data available
 Hair: Brown
 Eyes: Brown


 Vocals, Piano, Keyboards

Formed in 1992, by Freddy and NY guitarist Beo Morales, Distillery releases its first album, "Back In A While & Other Songs", in March 1993. Two years later a cover of "Now You Know" hit the charts in UK.
In 1994 two singles are released: "Care Of You" and "if You Look Up In The Sky".
After years of touring and studio contributions, in 1998 David "Daddy" joins Distillery and the band records two more singles: "Too Soon" and "God's Sultry Summer".
In October 2003 Distillery releases "Family Tree", that includes songs from the first album as well as the four singles recorded in the mean time.
Chuck joins in 2004 and in 2007, for the 15th anniversary of the band, is released "Leaving The Past Behind".
In 2010 Freddy produces a project called "Helping Hands" (as support for Haiti earthquake) involving several bands from all over the world. You can find more about this recording at America Fans Home Page.
Daddy leaves at the end of 2010 and, after several attempts of replacing him, the boys decide to go on performing and recording as a duo.
On October 17th 2017 Distillery releases "Clockwise".

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