FAMILY TREE      Distillery 2003

Too soon 4'41"
God's sultry summer 4'56"
Walkin' in the sun 4'17"
Flashes on the water 4'37"
Care of you 6'03"
If you look up in the sky 4'19"
Back in a while 3'26"
Daylight song 3'49"
Growin' the fear 3'39"
Ain't never been there 6'10"
Cool wind 5'15"

Family Tree includes all the singles written after 1993 as well as several songs that you can find also in previous album and demos.

Releasded on October 21st, 2003.

Freddy: guitars, lead vocals, bass, banjo, harp and background vocals
Daddy: lead and background vocals on "God's sultry summer"; background vocals on "Too soon"
Luke: 12 string acoustic rhythm guitar and background vocals on "If you look up in the sky" and "Care of you"; harp on "Care of you"
Beo: electric guitar on "Daylight song"; mandolin on "Cool wind"
Mark: piano and keyboards on "Flashes on the water", "Care of you", "Cool wind" and "Back in a while"; hammond on "Ain't never been there"
Alex (Daddy's wife): piano on "Too soon"
Max & Lou: "monstrous" background vocals on "Growin' the fear"
Bob B.: bass on "Daylight song"
Luke G.: drums on "Back in a while", "Daylight song" and "Cool wind"; percussions on "Walkin' in the sun"
Ra: background vocals on "Back in a while", "Walkin' in the sun", "Flashes on the water" and "Daylight song"
Quincy: drums on "Flashes on the water", "Care of you" and "If you look up in the sky"
Vee: drums on "Too soon", "God's sultry summer", "Growin' the fear" and "Ain't never been there"; percussions on "God's sultry summer"

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