Written by Freddy 2013
Found on Clockwise

Heartless bodies all around
None of them is homeward bound
Silence smiles at dimming lights
By 1312 Willoughby Drive

Rolling ships among the waves
Sailing shadows thru the bay
Till the sun today will shine
On 1312 Willoughby Drive

Lovers splitting into two
Fear is beating down the blue
New kids seem long friends of mine
At 1312 Willoughby Drive

Marching puppets in the rain
Blood and tears reveal their pain
They're eighteen or sixty-five
In 1312 Willoughby Drive

Dogs toward a rendezvous
At the rising of the moon
Checking out if they're in time
For 1312 Willoughby Drive

Narrow alleys here in town
Dirty stones of cursed grounds
Please don't cross the border line
Of 1312 Willoughby Drive

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