written by Freddy ©2002
Found on Leaving the past behind

Comes a moonbeam through my door
And it lightens up this working night or so
It’s here to stay
And it's fillin' in the darkness where I am
Breaking up with joy my window panes
Making me realize

Comes a moonbeam through my soul
And it smells my heart to feel my highs and lows
Slides inside
And it's running like a shiver down my spine
Wrapping my emotions in a while
Making me realize

Don't let me be lonely tonight
Hear my song echoin' around with pride
Warming the land like a fire

Comes a moonbeam through my life
And it tastes all the anger of my time
Spreads outside
Painting with its magics all the sky
Flyin' gracefully to the seaside
Making me realize

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