written by Freddy ©2018
Found on Twenty-five

Wherever they should see
Just to tell all the world of the feelings that inside we dream

Holding back the tears
In a way that no one will realize the things they've seen

A golden candle holder
A red old box on a shelf
Lonely letters seem to ask you why you're there

Light is coming thru' the window panes
And pastel shades in background
Makes it happen as a painter was around

How many never brought
To remember the reason why sometimes we feel so alone

Whatever they might say?
If the words fall down as heavy drops in the pouring rain

Memories are coming now in mind
A silver bangle on her wrist
Ancient noises of  gigs and waterwheels

Shadows are no more scaring
The quiet of a distant lake
Turns a gloomy morning into a lovely day


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